Limassol Skate Park

Good news everyone, our friend Steve from Airtime Skate Shop informed us that the new Limassol Seafront face lift will include a skatepark. The skatepark will be open to the public when phase one is finished, around spring 2012.

Below is some more info from Airtime Skate Shop website:

“Last year Airtime and some of the Limassol skaters met with the Limassol City Council Civil Engineering Department. We discussed the new skate park that the City wanted to include with the first phase of the Limassol Seafront face lift. Knowing the city needed help with the design we discussed everything from the size, type of concrete to be used, transitions on the ramps, the type of metal best suited for coping and so much more.

Though the city allocated a relatively small area for the park with an even smaller budget we went away and drew up what we thought would be the best Street Skate Park we could. We had several more meetings with the Civil Engineers and Architects and we are happy to say they took our ideas and plans gratefully and are now pouring the cement for the park.

I met with the Lead Architect last week and am very please to say that the city almost doubled it’s budget for the park. We hope that by the spring the first phase will be finished and that the park will be open for the public…. ”

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